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sooo nice! [Oct. 19th, 2005|06:31 pm]
so yesterday something particularly special and heartwarming happened to me...

i decided to stop at the deli near school to get a bottle of water before cheerleading practice...so i got one of those big big bottles, and i proceeded to the cash register.

and then it happened...that moment you dread...you think itll never happen to you....i reached into my bag for my cash and i realized i had left it in my other handbag! the nice old man at the register had already rung me up and there was a homely soccer mom witnessing my blunder...i was like uhhhhhh? hold on i think i left my money home lemme see...i start to rumble through my bag, im not very ordlery with my money so i thought a lose dollar or two might be there...still nothing..

anyway the point of my story (yes this story has a point) the soccer mom insisted on buying the water bottle for me!! isnt that really nice?? that was super nice...and THEN..the more astonishing part...the cashier (who i gather is also the owner of the store) said HE would buy it for me!! he said its fine, dont worry about it...then the soccer mom insisted AND the cashier insisted..so they are both fighting over who will buy me the water!! i thought that was really nice because i was feeling really silly and embarrased that i had forgotten my money and i thought it was so nice of these people to offer to spot me the money...have you ever heard of such a thing? i mean maybe i can understand the mom offering but the cashier was really nice to offer too...

but then i found some lose change and it turns out i didnt need their money haha...but it still made me smile that people would be so generous...and now if ever anyone in front of me in line at the deli forgets their wallet ill spot them the money! which ive actually done before but whatever..theres hope for the world