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so since im bored again and i really should be doing things.,..i… - My free $.02.... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jul. 14th, 2005|01:43 pm]
so since im bored again and i really should be doing things.,..i stole this from erica and its really not all that interesting so i suggest u close the window now lol

im really bored

50 Questions on Your Type Of Guy

How do you like his hair? not long...like not past his ears or in his face

What color hair? whatever looks good

Does he have tattoos and earrings? absolutely not..

Is it true that only a real man wears pink? pink on guys can be hot if they can swing it

Name the 2 most important personality traits he has to have: sense of humor and sweetness

Badass or cautious guy? not very badass...a smidge of badass and a smidge of caution..just normal...but he must respect and get along with his family! because if he doesnt respect his mommy chances are he wont respect you

Dyed hair? nnnoooo

Long or short hair? see above

Is he athletic? yes but he doesnt have to be an allstar...

Likes committed relationships or flings? no flings for me

Does he have to be popular? no..preferably because most of the time popular guys are assholes...he should be liked but not one of those arrogant guys

What are your thoughts on buzz cuts? eh

Buff or Skinny? skinny! i love skinny guys for some weird reason...but not skeletal

What color eyes? doesnt matter

Long eye lashes? doesn't matter.

Does he have to dance well? no

Plays any instruments? sure

Nice or Hard to get? nice! (i say this now)lol

Will he sing you mushysongs? yes thats cute but like erica i will laugh

How about protect you when danger comes? he better til no end

Rich or doesn’t matter? mmm....he should pay when he takes me out but if he cant take me out often thats okay

Smart or Dumb? smart. but not smarter than me. which is hard to find lol jk

Jock or typical guy? typical no jocks for me

Can he wear makeup? hell no

Hot or Sweet? ssweeeeeeeeeeeeeetttt hot is for flings sweet is for marriage

Give me the best physical feature you want him to have: nice teeth!!! who wants to kiss a hillbilly

Honest? please

If he doesn’t get along with your friends, would you still date him? mm...maybe if hes trainable

Let’s say he moved across the country, will you two stay together? well if it were drew i would

love poems to you? yessss

How about give you his lunch when you accidentally forgot yours? he better...but we can share

Pay for all of the dates or split the bill? like erica said.."he pays....sorry" (chivalry is NOT dead!) although im not opposed to treating once in a while or chipping in a little here or there...

A real gentleman or more laid back? im definately traditional...gentleman is a must but he doenst have to go overboard...open the door for me give me flowers be polite..thats about it

Abs or no abs? cant be fat but doesnt need a sixpack

If this dream guy breaks your heart, will you two still be friends? ummm nooooo

If he went out with your best girl friend, would you still like him? i would slash his tires and then put nair in his shampoo...

Has a good taste in women’s clothing? he only has to know what looks good and what doesnt

Only judges you by your looks or on the inside? inside so if i am terribly disfigured hell still love me but he has to know im goodlooking lol

What are your thoughts on pimps? i dont make it a habit to think about pimps.

Do you care if he smokes or drinks? no smoking and i dont like drunks..my man should love me not the bottle

First day of class, what would be his first move on you? hahaha program his number into my phone without me realizing it and then text me at midnight on a friday night saying..wutsup?

Do first impressions mean a lot? no because you dont really know a person..i never ever have lasting first impressions

What would you wear on your first date for this guy? a juicy suit because thats what i did wear but maybe now i would change that answer

Do you mind him checking other girls out? yes but if i say wow that girl is really pretty he can agree by saying "shes ok" and if i say wow shes really ugly he can say "shes gross" and if shes ok then he can say "eh" and all of the above should be followed with "shes nothing compared to you" lolollll

Kiss on the first date? yes but he shouldnt be too agressive...hold off on touching please thanks

Surfer Boy or Skater Boy? regular but i would prefer a surfer

How should he dress? um...i dont care i just hate athletic wear like jerseys or mesh shorts that should be saved for the court/field but whatever who cares when u love someone

How romantic do you want him? a hopeless diehard romantic! =)

If this was the “one” where would you want him to propose and how? it MUST be a surprise and it must be a nice ring or ill say no. not too cheesy and i would like a crowd because then id get alot of attention. but honestly if i loved him and i wanted himt o propose then i wouldnt care about anythingnot even the ring.