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my mind is racing but my body is begging for sleep =/ [May. 28th, 2005|01:50 am]
[mood |awakecant sleep!!!]
[music |over-lindsay lohan]

so im exhausted but i have a million things going on in my head right now...nothing really important i just have an adrenaline rush for some reason...anxiety i guess?...i was trying to fall asleep when i hopped out of bed and proceeded to seperate my laundry..yeah im nuts!

im excited that its memorial day weekend...its guna be alot of fun i just have a feeling...today was alot of fun and sunday is a bbq at drews house and his family is the best...aimee is going to crack me up...ive been sort of blah at home lately...drews off at his internship and i was recovering from getting wisdom teeth out..now im ready to go out and have fun! i cant wait to be a dentist but thank got im not guna be an oral surgeon..

drews prom is friday the 3rd and im really excited..its going to be nice to see all the seniors..a few of whom i adore and they know who they are i hope!=) and its nice to get dressed up and pretty and all of that..considering you get gussied up like that only once in a while..i havent gotten a dress yet...but im one of those last minute ppl...next week tuesday or wednesday the LATEST im going to SH (nicole miller most likely) to get something decent

wednesday im getting my hair fixed because it keeps getting lighter and lighter..and im not a light hair person..i cant wait to have dark brown hair again! its so much better on me....this isnt really worth noting but its something i guess im excited about..

and on another random note..since this is all this journal has really become..a catalog of random notes lol...what is wrong with lindsay lohan? she used to be so pretty now she looks like coke has gotten the best of her..poor girl..although she probably looks at my life and says the same thing haha (this popped into my head because on my ipod which is set on random her song came on..i so..um..dont listen to her music by choice..yeah..someone snuck it onto my ipod)

i miss nora and erica... i have been a bad friend and i havent seen them in forever and i love them soo much! the three of us are perfect lolol im the serious mama noras the goofy kid and erica is the midway...lol thats what i have decided! although i must admit erica brings out the wild side in me haha anyway summer means we are going to hang out and go to the beach and be silly and goofy just like we have been forever....and eventhough we dont call eachother as much as we should...well nora and erica talk alot nora and erica dont call me as much as they should and vice versa..when we hang out its like we never missed a day...i guess thats what makes great friends? and even if they hate me its okay i love them anyway

and next week i am seeing maria (my bff from drew)!! im praying my plan to meet her at shorthills and go dress shopping works out to be the same time..i dont think ill get to see her otherwise..i love her too! i love everyone haha no but these ppl have a special place in my heart..

still very awake..and very preoccupied with randomness! blah

this is what happens when ur job doesnt start till mid june and everyone is off at school or work or internship or whatever and ur left with regis kelly ellen star jones and jerry seinfeld to engage ur mind..P.S. does anyone realize what a good show home improvement is? i like it..

ok..enough..i doubt anyone reads this crap lol but whatever it took up a few minutes of time thats cool

From: nnoraa
2005-05-28 04:53 pm (UTC)
we dont hate youuuuu silly girl!... you is crazyyy .. we <3 you boo!
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[User Picture]From: galavant247
2005-05-29 05:12 am (UTC)
yeah but...i just meant like sometimes friends complain or sometimes there are issues and miscommunications....but even if we may bicker or fight or misunderstand eachother or whatever i love you guys..even though we dont bicker usually
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