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[Apr. 24th, 2005|03:56 pm]
so my computer was acting funny for a little while...it was taking a long time to start up..the start bar would disappear..and i would have to restart it...and then thursday it was being sooo slow..but it was still working and i was happy..but then i turned on the computer friday morning in english class (we have to bring our computers every class to do in class writing) and it kept getting stuck in the windows start up and would never turn on..it died =/
so i started crying, which i know isnt unusual for me...but i was feeling so overwhelmed because i have soooo much saved on it so many papers and sources..not to mention im on the computer all the time and its a big part of my life, especially academically at the end of the semester now. so i asked my teacher if i could bring it to the helpdesk, she said sure, and i brought my computer still crying to the CNS Helpdesk. They felt really bad and the first thing they said was "well get you a loaner"...so they took my computer and gave me a loaner which is pretty awesome because loaners are often thought to be a myth...alot of ppl dont get one and if they do it takes a long time to get it..but i got it right away ;)

they were also able to get all of my files without going through windows (which apparently wont work no matter what not even in safe mode) so thats the second good thing. and the loaner is the same exact computer as mine just works better lol. its nice and fresh and uncorrupted ha. i only had my computer about 7 months, i cant believe it died. from what ive been hearing from ppl what happened pretty much means there is no hope for it. im sort of sad only becaues it was my computer and we had alot of memories lol but ill take a new one..

nothing else really interesting to update about...my life is the same as usual and im excited for summmmerrrr its almost here!! this summer is going to be amazing and i only have 7 more days of class