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im so silly [Apr. 5th, 2005|11:30 pm]
im so silly becaues right now i feelcontent over the fact that i visit a few (say 5) websites on a regular basis...this includes awfulplasticsurgery.com, i think it makes me feel a tad bit better to see that celebrities have help..ANYWAY..i email them from time to time with celebrities and pictures that i think show theyve had work done...and two times now..TWO they have used my email on the site..and its a pretty famous site! I emailed them monday about michael douglas , low and behold its on the site today...im sure other ppl emailed them also but i emailed them one time back and they even used the pictures i attached..
thats awesome..glad my vanity atleast brings me some sort of happiness lolol so if you ever go to that site (which you sooo should) know that they love me ;] ha