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things are better [Mar. 22nd, 2005|01:33 am]
so i got all upset on my birthday even though it ENDED well....but whatever I decided I was going to make today another birthday instead to make myself feel better lol which really worked out well..i had all my amazing presents from my real birthday to make me smile and then so many ppl told me happy birthday and i got so many hugs since it was the first day back after spring break...then i went to dinner with drew did a little ipod shopping and came home around 10 to watch tv do work so i can stay out with drew and sleep(i got 3 hours sleep last night)...and tomorrow drew and his family are taking me out to dinner and giving me presents and they are too nice! i <3 them

and i get to see alot of drew and im happy to be back from spring break surprisingly..i think its because i want it to be summer soooo badly and i felt like spring break was just delaying the inevitable...not too much school left..its going well...and i cant wait for summer..did i mention that?

and also i want to THANK EVERYONE who wished me a happy birthday- i would say ur names but i am afraid i will leave someone out..but i love you all very much and it meant alot to me that u thought of me ;]

so im feeling much better and in much better spirits..besides yesterday was my birthday (the real, first one) and i was allowed to sulk lol its my party and ill cry if i want to!!!!!!!!!